Achieve Awareness and Engagement in Paid Social Faster – While Out-Thinking Your Competitors

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Creating success in an age of uncertainty

While there is a lot of uncertainty right now given the crazy year we’ve had (Has it been a year? Two? Who knows anymore!?) one thing is for certain: people have spent a whole lot more time online. 

For social media marketers, that’s at least something to hold onto in this sea of change and unpredictability. 

With so many people online for so long, especially on social media platforms, an incredible opportunity has presented itself in terms of enabling brands that “get it” to grab share of voice, share of market, and share of wallet.

The key here is in understanding the situation better than your competitors. This is achieved through gaining additional visibility, and giving yourself the tools and knowledge that can be swiftly acted upon

“Sounds great,” you say. “But how do I do this practically?” Read on to find out...

Achieving those goals

Just how much time are consumers spending on social media platforms today? 

According to Pew Center research, around half (49%) of Facebook users are on the channel multiple times a day, with the other social media channels showing similar numbers. 

And SurveyMonkey data shows that for Gen Zers using social media platforms daily – 64% of them, in fact – over half (54%) spend 2 or more hours on the platforms per day.

Clearly, these platforms are going to be central for any marketing department in achieving their goals – and they’re going to be leaning heavily on social media marketers in this respect. 

To that end, leading social media marketers today have three major goals when it comes to paid social media success: 

  • Increasing awareness around their brand
  • Driving traffic to their website
  • Community building and increasing brand engagement 

As pressure around generating results increases, social media marketers are pulling the three levers above to drive performance.

Increasing awareness

Increasing awareness is generally the first step for brands, particularly those up against well-entrenched competitors. As Nielsen notes in its “When It Comes To Brand Building, Awareness Is Critical” report: “Marketers have always been pressured to deliver measurable returns on their efforts, but the demand for growth has sharpened as the world looks toward a post-pandemic future. And to deliver, marketers should focus on balanced strategies that re-elevate upper-funnel, brand-building efforts that work in tandem with conversion-focused efforts.”

The report further notes that while increasing awareness might take longer than going straight for conversion-type campaign strategies, it is a strategy that generates meaningful and measurable success.

Brands are also using awareness-type campaigns to position themselves effectively against competitors. For example, Uber, in attempting to attract more drivers to its platform in a super-competitive market, recently ran this type of awareness campaign:


The campaign positions Uber as caring more about its drivers, responding to their needs (“new policies''), addressing pressing issues such as safety concerns, and presenting the benefits of working with the platform. 

Driving traffic

Driving traffic to your brand’s website is a great way of bringing consumers into your world, and gently moving them down the funnel. At the very least, it’s effective in increasing brand awareness. And at best, it’s the start of a lifelong relationship. 

This campaign from MAC Cosmetics illustrates this trend perfectly:


Building a community

Building a community around a brand is not easy, yet it is one of the most important activities that social media marketers can undertake. In fact, 43% of consumers said that connection is a core benefit they seek. 

Some brands have nailed the community aspect, and it’s instructive to learn best practices – from the best. 

Peloton, for example, is one of the best examples of this. In the last 90 days, over 100 creatives from the brand have featured “community” as a central element of social media ads.


Getting closer to your audience – and your goals

Achieving your goals is easy – or at least, easier – once you’re set up for success. As we noted at the beginning of this piece, the key to achieving your goals is in understanding the current situation and future trends better than your competitors. 

This is easier said than done. Over 85% of social media ads are dark: that is, micro-targeted to a specific audience and thus invisible to the general public (including, of course, competitors.)

Only with the BrandTotal platform can you gain the visibility and real-time insights into what’s really going on, thus getting ahead of competitors and driving you forward towards your goals.

Interested in actionable insights based on information no one else can see, that you can implement immediately for your brand to see real results? 

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