Advertising Week Recap & Other Exciting Happenings at BrandTotal

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Last week, Advertising Week, the world's premier event for the marketing and advertising industry, made its return to in-person conferencing at Hudson Yards, NY from October 18 - 21, 2021.

BrandTotal was thrilled to be selected as a content partner for this year's event. Between speaking opportunities, event sponsorship, and the release of research and news, it was a big week for us.

Alon Leibovich, the company’s Co-founder and CEO, delivered a presentation on the top social media advertising strategies for challenger and leading brands. Leibovich dove into the metrics for top and mid-funnel optimization, showing the ways in which companies can use measurement tools to bolster their social media advertising tactics. 

The crux of the issue for these brands, Leibovich explained, is that without insights into what tactics competitors are employing, marketing teams can struggle to accurately assess and understand how their own advertising is resonating with the consumer. In order to implement strategies to address this potential disconnect, Leibovich emphasized that it is essential to monitor what a brand’s competitors are doing and benchmark against that information. This means assessing share of voice, media mix, formatting of ads, as well as carefully evaluating messaging and themes. With such insights in mind, brands can then make adjustments to their own strategies based on what is working and not working for competitors. In concluding the talk, Leibovich recommended consistently measuring engagement and positive consumer sentiment in order to capitalize on both the missteps and successes of competitors.

Alon also gave a second presentation alongside Rolfe Swinton, Director of Data and Innovation at GfK. Together they shared their expert insights on how to drive brand innovation with competitive social advertising intelligence. Together, the two discussed how to connect with consumers despite the fast-paced social world we live in today, and reiterated the need to turn attention to top and mid-funnel engagement, not just bottom of the funnel.

      Alon Leibovich, Co-Founder & CEO, presenting at Advertising Week

      Alon Leibovich, Co-Founder & CEO, presenting at Advertising Week.

In other exciting news, we announced that GfK (Growth from Knowledge) has expanded its partnership with BrandTotal, effectively empowering Mexican advertisers with the valuable data that our platform offers. The increased accessibility of the platform and its insights enables Mexican advertisers to use new tactics and strategies to strengthen their marketing and advertising operations. 

We also announced BrandTotal for Agencies while at Advertising Week. This new offering delivers real-time and granular visibility into a brand’s social advertising strategies with the BrandTotal platform, helping agencies win new business and take their client services to the next level. With this announcement, we are looking forward to providing unique insights and strategies to agencies and their brand clients.

Additionally, we launched new research on the social advertising of ultra fast fashion brands as well as how top fashion brands are advertising on social media.  Read both research pieces for key insights on paid SOV, demographic breakdown of target audiences, and how fashion brands are addressing sustainability in their social messaging.

Lastly, BrandTotal sponsored a successful happy hour event at Queensyard restaurant. Guests enjoyed food, drinks, and lively conversation about all things marketing and advertising. The BrandTotal team present at Advertising Week was excited to get together and rejoice over the gathering of friends, coworkers, and industry professionals after a long period apart.


The BrandTotal Leadership Team and our valued clients, prospects, and partners mingling at Advertising Week.

All in all, it was an exciting and inspiring week for BrandTotal at Advertising Week, and we look forward to doing it all again next year!

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