Blending Pride with Purpose: A Social Creative Analysis

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Being a social content creator is a hard job. 

Don’t take it from me. Take it from the numerous BrandTotal clients who are responsible for developing and disseminating messages to their audiences. With every year that passes, consumers become more critical of how brands align themselves with the issues and causes that are getting airtime on social media. 

An area where this has become all the more apparent is Pride Month. This year we’re observing increased expectations on brands to live up to what Pride stands for. It is not enough to post a rainbow. Consumers expect authentic allyship to be demonstrated through the actions a brand takes to support and amplify these audiences.

Still looking for a bit of inspiration to connect with consumers in a meaningful way? Check out the below noteworthy Pride efforts:


Someone at Postmates did their research! This Pride Month, the brand is educating consumers on the Cooper Do-nuts Riots, a small riot in response to police harassment of LGBT patrons at the Cooper Do-nut shop in Los Angeles. This riot, which took place in 1959, predated the Stonewall Riots by 10 years! The microsite not only includes the history of the Cooper Do-nuts Riots, but also a link to donate to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Pride Month Ad from Postmates

Pride Month Ad from Postmates

There are other noteworthy activations in the delivery category as well. Caviar is donating $1 from every pickup order to the Ali Forney Center, an organization focused on providing healthcare and shelter to homeless LGBTQ+ youth in NYC. Seamless and Grubhub have taken the approach of highlighting LGBTQ+ owned restaurants in a series of video assets, and are giving patrons of their services the option to donate their change to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Pride Month Ad by Seamless

Pride Month Ad by Caviar

Pride Month Ad by Grubhub


Beauty brands are helping their customers look fabulous while also donating to a worthy cause. Both Becca Cosmetics and Kiehl’s have launched exclusive Pride Month products, and are making donations to The Trevor Project. MAC Cosmetics took a similar approach, with a portion of their Pride & Joy Liquidlast Liner going to the Hetrick-Martin Institute.

Pride Month Ad from Becca Cosmetics

Pride Month Ad for Becca Cosmetics

Pride_creative-8 (1)

Pride Month Ad for Kiehls

Pride Month Ad for Mac Cosmetics


Banking brands are taking an intersectional approach to the LGBT movement. Both Capital One and Wells Fargo have partnered with the SAGE, a national organization that advocates for the needs of older LGBTQ+ individuals. According to SAGE, many older LGBTQ+ individuals are in a position of economic insecurity—especially following the pandemic—so the partnership has relevance for the financial sector.

Pride Month Ad from Capital One

Pride Month Ad from Wells Fargo

This analysis was conducted using BrandTotal’s creative library. If you’re interested in leveraging BrandTotal’s creative search capabilities to understand how advertisers approach purpose-driven marketing, please request a demo