CPGs Go Digital with Direct Conversion Ads

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CPG giants are starting to discover the joys of measurable (and effective) marketing campaigns on Facebook.

When CPG giants like Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble double and even triple their direct conversion ads on Facebook, it’s time to sit up and take note. Based on data pulled from BrandTotal’s platform, Digiday delved into how CPG leaders are changing their ad spend, and discovered that they going direct to consumers more than ever.

With calls-to-action like “shop now” and “buy now,” household name brands are leaving behind the Mad Men age of “half of our advertising is wasted, we just don’t know which half,” and entering the world of measurable ROI for each dollar spent.

Facebook allows brands to post “dark” campaigns, or highly targeted posts that only the relevant audience sees. Thus, consumer brands are learning that they can cut out the middle and get closer to their customer than ever, simply by engaging them through direct response.

Since the first half of 2018, Gillette more than doubled its conversion ads on Facebook. At the same time, Pampers tripled its Facebook conversion ads, and Neutrogena spiked by eight times the number of ads it had been previously running.

The increase in direct to consumer conversion ads speaks toward a major shift marketing strategy from the giant CPG brands.

For the full analysis, read Digiday’s take, based on our comprehensive data.