How Apple is Marketing their Latest Services

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We analyzed Apple's latest campaigns surrounding their new service line including Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple Card, and Apple Arcade.

At Apple’s two-hour “It’s Show Time” event on March 26, 2019, the company announced many new offerings:

Apple TV+: An ad-free subscription video service with incredible amounts of new original content, with compatibility for iOS, macOS, smart TVs, Roku’s hardware, and Amazon’s Fire TV.

Apple Credit Card: It’ll exist as a virtual card and as a physical titanium card. It’ll have no late fees or annual fees. With 2% back for the virtual card, and 1% back for the physical card. So if our math is correct, having to carry a card around that you might loose + 1% lost in cash back = why even create the physical card, but those are just our quick calculations, feel free to double check our work.

Apple News+: For $10 per month, you’ll get access to 300+ magazines and digital subscriptions. Apple has already reported adding 200,000 subscriptions for the free one month trial.

Apple Arcade: An ad-free, “all-you-can-eat” gaming service for games on iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

The Campaign:

We looked into Apple’s marketing tactics for each of their new services, and how it differed from their former campaigns.

Apple TV+

We found that Apple is primarily targeting single millennial men for its newly announced services and that the company leaned on dark marketing to promote TV+ on social media, and more.

On Twitter, Apple promoted Apple TV+ to a 61% male vs. 39% female audience.

Apple targeted millennial (29%), 25-34, and middle-aged (22%), 35-44,

Targeted users who are single (58%), not in-a-relationship (28% married, 8% in-a-relationship, 5% engaged).

Historically on Twitter, the company has targeted married (50%) women (58%) vs. men (42%) ages 45-54 (25%).

Apple Card

Apple is using Twitter to target millennial and Gen Z audiences for its Apple Card product, though campaigns have been slow to materialize.

Apple Card ads have been aimed at single (45%) men (65%) in the 19-24 (26%) and 25-34 (27%) age groups.

To date, the YouTube ad for Apple’s credit card venture -- released shortly after it was announced -- has an impressive 15.9M views and 106.3K engagements.

Apple News+ and Apple Arcade

Meanwhile, Apple News+ and Apple Arcade have only been advertised via public YouTube videos and Twitter posts.

Overall, Apple is making a big shift by moving into the services industry, which we are sure will be reflected in their marketing strategy as. With new target demographics, and the utilization of unpaid YouTube we’re sure to see some interesting new marketing tactics as this all unfolds.


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