How Brands Are Using Paid Social Media To Ring In The New Year

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Brands and their approaches to the New Year

2022 is a new year that brings less certainty than ever before. For marketers, this presents a challenge – one that can be approached in many different ways. 

For example, as a brand, do you project positivity? Do you show vulnerability, that you’re also not sure exactly what the new year will look like? 

Brands are using different strategies when it comes to their paid social media marketing efforts. To get a sense of leading brands’ approaches, we used the BrandTotal platform to discover the different viewpoints brands are taking, and how brands are connecting with customers into 2022. 

Diving deeper into brands' paid social media strategies

Going through the messages from some of the world’s leading brands, we identified 2 key trends being leveraged by brands. 

First, is using the New Year in the classic sense; connecting to a fresh start, new year’s resolutions, and showing how brands’ products fit into this message.

The second trend is brands taking a “bigger picture” approach. This is a strategy that is more comprehensive, consists of a significant amount of preparation – and makes a more lasting impact.

We’ll look at these 2 strategies in turn.

Traditional New Year's Messaging

Twitter Ad from Ford

Ford: “A new year of adventures is around the corner”

Ford relates to the upcoming year in a traditional, yet unique way. The brand relates to the adventures that are coming up in the new year, which speaks to experiences, positivity, and successfully aligns the brand with these values. 

Facebook Ad from Invisalign

Invisalign: “A new smile one of your 2022 goals?”

Invisalign uses the “New Year’s Resolution” theme to tie its product to upcoming goals for the new year. A new smile probably wasn’t one of your 2022 goals, but after seeing this ad, it sure is now!

Instagram Ad from Hyperice

Hyperice: “Sticking to your New Year's resolution can be challenging. Make it easier…”

Hyperice also uses the New Year’s Resolution theme, but this time the brand plays on the fact that keeping these resolutions is notoriously difficult. The brand is saying that it can help; many people have “exercise” near the top of their New Year’s resolutions, only for this noble goal to peter out a few months into the New Year. Hyperice, according to the brand, can ease the pain and help that resolution last longer.

Facebook Ad from Hims

Hims: “Ring in the new year with a little bit of help”

Talking of lasting longer, Hims also jumps on the trend of helping with New Year’s resolutions. The brand positions itself as being there for you to assist with a more successful 2022.

Bigger Picture Messaging

Instagram Ad from Microsoft

Microsoft: “Let’s make 2022 better than this year. We partnered with Macklemore to create Group Text the World – check it out.”

In this campaign Microsoft and Macklemore present a unique campaign that looks beyond the day-to-day, and takes a global view. Using Microsoft’s platform, there is now a place where you can group text the world. Pretty ambitious, right? The campaign is framed in terms of the last couple of years being extremely challenging – something most people can relate to. By group texting the world, the hope is to foster connection, support, and positivity, as you “share something that you are looking forward to.” 

LinkedIn Ad from Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix: A look back – and a look ahead

Stitch Fix used the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 to look back at the trends that shaped the last year, as well as the ones likely to impact the year ahead. This places the brand in a thought leadership space, as they provide great data and interesting content. 

Using key events to anchor paid social media marketing

There are inevitably events during the year that cannot be planned for. There are also events that can be planned for, and leveraged to their maximum potential. 

One of these is the New Year. Brands can post generic “Happy New Year” messages, or they can launch paid social media campaigns that actually create brand value and drive results.

Whether this is a more traditional campaign, which we saw being used by the likes of Ford, Invisalign, Hyperice, and Hims; or bigger picture campaigns which we observed from Microsoft and Stitch Fix. Either way, it’s the brands that are thinking and planning ahead on paid social media that are reaping the benefits of this approach. Would you like to get deeper visibility into how brands are using social media? Request a BrandTotal demo today!