How Mobile Carriers are Promoting 5G Using Paid Social

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We analyzed all paid social promotions from top mobile carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Xfinity over a 60 day period.

While 5G service may not be fully available in most markets, the “big four” U.S. mobile carriers have wasted no time in positioning themselves as leaders in 5G wireless technology. On the other hand, smaller-market mobile carriers such as Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Xfinity have not yet begun to launch campaigns or messages mentioning 5G capabilities.

Our objective with this report was to analyze how major brands are positioning and marketing themselves, as companies race to establish their brands as leaders in 5G service.

We found:

  • On the verge of a merger deal, T-Mobile and Sprint are making considerable efforts on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, to acknowledging the benefits and future capabilities of 5G enabled products in the United States. 
  • AT&T has put almost 50% of its focus into targeting the 65+ age range with promotion focusing on future possibilities of 5G technology enabling vehicle autonomation, as part of their PSA “It Can Wait” campaign against texting and driving. 
  • Verizon is evidencing its 5G services with the launch of the #5GUltraWideband social media handle which has generated over 28.3M video views just on Facebook with more dark sponsored posts than public. 
  • Amongst the carriers not launching 5G campaigns, Metro by T-Mobile and Xfinity are targeting younger millennial audiences within the age range of 25-44, through co-sponsored campaigns with the NBA and the animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets 2, respectively. 

Overall, with the excitement and intrigue surrounding 5G services, America’s major mobile carriers have begun investing their R&D efforts into building and sustaining this technology, and their advertising efforts into bolstering their brand as a leader in 5G. With the use of paid social, these major mobile carriers educate their consumers over the benefits of 5G and continue to build anticipation for the launch of this technology in the near future. It will then be interesting to see how the smaller-market mobile carriers are impacted if 5G becomes a staple in the upcoming decade and if they can sustain this evolution in comparison to their stronger counterparts.

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