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Introducing BrandTotal’s Social Competitive Intelligence Snapshot

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Would you like to uncover your competitors’ social advertising strategies and optimize your brand campaigns to influence consumer sentiment and acquisition, outsmart your competition, and win market share? Now you can, with BrandTotal’s Social Competitive Intelligence Index reports for multiple industries.

We’ve created Social Competitive Intelligence Snapshot reports for the following sectors: Activewear, Baby Care, Broadcast Streaming, Cosmetics, Diet & Nutrition, FemCare, Financial Services & Online Payments, Health Insurance, Premium Fashion Brands, and Skin Care.

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These monthly social competitive intelligence research reports are unlike any other industry report you've read about your brand's competitive landscape. Use it to uncover your competition’s:

  • Real-Time SOV - who’s winning share of voice and in which social and digital channels.

  • Consumer Engagement - which brands are engaging their audiences and the strategies they are using.

  • Consumer Sentiment - who’s leading, positive/negative sentiment, how sentiment has shifted and why, brand impact, and performance.

  • Dark (Non-Public) versus Public Advertising Analysis - which brands are spending on targeted, segmented advertising versus a broader, public advertising strategy.

  • Leaders - Based on ad spend, volume, engagements, and consumer sentiment — who’s punching above their weight class.

  • Leading Creatives - Drill down into what’s working in terms of creatives and messaging, including creatives with the highest positive net sentiment, dark creatives with the largest budget, and most engaging dark creatives.

You can find them on our Resources page here.

Each report aims to showcase only a sample of brands in your industry and it's only a taste of what's possible -- if you don't find your brand, reach out to us and we will be happy to create a tailored report that addresses your unique brand analytics and social competitive intelligence needs.

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