New Features to Help You Understand Your Competition in 2019

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We’re excited to share some of the latest new and improved functions to BrandTotal’s Agile Competitive Intelligence Platform, providing our users with more specific data on audience preferences, video campaigns, as well as the competition’s marketing metrics.


The Interest Screen Just Got More Interesting!

Our updated interest widget -- which previously provided general information on your audience’s overall interests such as technology, business, and shopping - is now more interesting.

By using a lift calculating algorithm we differentiate between wide-spread interests and ones that are distinctly statistically unique, grouping connected keywords into “mini-clouds.”

You can explore the interests cloud in two modes, depending on your goal. The first mode analyzes one brand or category, and the second compares brand A with brand B. The algorithm identifies keywords that are most strongly related.

For example, when viewing the category of broadcast TV, these are the most popular connected keywords:



However, when comparing Dish Network with Netflix, you can see significant differences between the clusters:




Grouping Campaigns by Video Length

Video length plays a significant role in understanding the different media strategies and marketing goals of campaigns. Maybe the video campaign is long and sentimental to spark emotion. Or when a new product launches, a brand may create shorter videos as a quick reminder to the potential customers.

This feature is a valuable tool to assist in the strategy process. What’s more- it can help you reverse engineer the strategic planning of a campaign, whether it be your competitor’s or your own. Who is breaking out with minute long videos and who's using bumpers to generate consideration? How does the message differ from one ad length to the other?

Filter and see the different implications of using each length type.


5c6aa3fecc92248ee9aa7412_groupby video length-optimize (1)


The New Leaderboard Trendline

A trendline in the leaderboard metrics will help you understand the environment a certain brand is leading in and detect volatility, stability and/or any seasonal trends within the category. Rather than only having 7 days of history like before, you can now see the activity and trends in your category over the last 30, 60, and 90 days based on various metrics and channels.

This feature can be incredibly helpful when major events -- like a competitor’s campaign -- or holidays take place, as there's a big difference between a brand leading on a slow week and one that’s leading on a strong one.

You can then observe the results of how certain brands performed in those time frames in comparison to your own brand or other competitors.


5c659bde31f3515eb31e4ac7_Leaderboard Trend_Trim

These are just a few of our latest feature updates- there are more to come, offering a deeper understanding of your marketing landscape.