Social Advertising Strategies of Today’s Top Brands — New Industry Snapshots

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How does your social media advertising strategy stack up against the competition? Get a full 360-degree view with May’s Social Competitive Intelligence Snapshots.

These exclusive reports — driven by BrandTotal’s brand intelligence platform — will give you real-time insight into the entire competitive landscape for:

Plus, our Top Ads report will show you which brands are generating the best engagement, most positive consumer sentiment, and the highest spend.

Make smarter social advertising decisions with BrandTotal’s exclusive insider’s view into:

  • Leading Creatives — Which creatives and messaging are working best in paid social? 
  • Real-Time SOV — What’s driving SOV, share of topic, and engagement for market leaders?
  • Consumer Engagement — Which brands and social media advertising strategies are most effective at attracting audiences?
  • Leaders — How are the highest performing social advertising campaigns winning market share from the competition?
  • Consumer Sentiment — Who’s leading with positive/negative sentiment, what are the positive and negative keywords and phrases, and how has sentiment shifted over time?

Click on each report’s image below to download your copy:

SCIS_Credit Cards Edition (May 2021) - edit


SCIS_DTC E-Commerce Edition (May 2021)


SCIS_Insurance Edition (May 2021)


SCIS_News Outlets Edition (May 2021)


SCIS_Retail Edition (May 2021)


SCIS_Top Ads Edition (May 2021)


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