The Battle for Share of Counter in Social Media

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The Kitchen Counter: A Backdrop To Intense Brand Competition

There are hundreds of appliance brands offering thousands of products that sit on consumers’ kitchen counters. From coffee machines to mixers, from air fryers to grills.

The challenge is that there is a limited amount of physical space available, so brands in this segment have to fight incredibly hard to get ahead – and win a coveted space on the kitchen counter. 

We’ll use the BrandTotal platform to look at how brands are using paid social media advertising to grab their “Share of Counter” – and Share-of-Wallet (SOW) – in an increasingly crowded space.

Using Paid Social Media To Get — And Stay — Ahead

The market for small kitchen appliances – the ones most likely to sit on a countertop – is estimated at an impressive $126 billion

This trend was accelerated by the COVID pandemic, with 56% of Americans saying they have been cooking and baking more at home.

Brands have been figuring out that the best way to get to these consumers is through paid social media advertising. Especially through the use of dark ads. 

Dark ads – or hyper-targeted ads visible only to their target audience – are not viewable by the general public, competitors, or curious marketers wanting to know how the best brands get, and stay, ahead. 

BrandTotal’s platform gives a unique view into what brands in any industry are doing on social media, which can be compared to a set of competitors or other brands of interest. Brands can benchmark themselves against others and assess consumer sentiment around different strategies, zero in on which tactics are driving share of voice, and discover what themes and trends are emerging. BrandTotal thus gives the most complete picture of a brand’s performance, its competitors’ strategies, and a clear and actionable path to success.

Read on to learn more about how leading brands are using paid social media to differentiate themselves from their competitors, reach consumers, and ensure that they make it onto the coveted kitchen counter. 


08/17/2021 - 11/14/2021



The Overall Landscape

Looking at paid Share-of-Voice (SOV) for the brands in this Report over the period analyzed, we see Keurig enjoying over half of the SOV, followed by Nespresso. Ninja, Panasonic, and KitchenAid each have under 10% SOV.  

Paid Share of Voice breakdown

From an engagement perspective, Ninja takes first place with almost double the engagements of the nearest competitor, KitchenAid. This is followed by Instant Pot, with Nespresso further back and Mr Coffee rounding out the top 5. 

Paid Share of Voice Breakdown 2

How has Ninja got so much engagement, while it’s only third in terms of SOV? Why does Keurig, the leader in SOV, not even appear in the top 5 in terms of engagement? 

The answers to these questions have to do with the channels, goals, and dark marketing strategies chosen by these brands. We’ll look into each of these in more detail in the full report

How Individual Brands Used Paid Social Media


Nespresso’s dark ads have “consideration” as their primary goal. 

This gels with the brand’s top-engaging ads, which were centered around the launch of the Nespresso Vertuo product, and clearly targeted at a younger demographic (Around 50% of all dark ads were targeted at 18-24 year-olds.)

This dark Instagram ad for example had more than 3k likes, and is indicative of the types of consideration ads run by the brand: 

Instagram Ad from Nespresso

The brand was also smart in keeping its Vertuo promotion seasonal and current, such as this fall-oriented dark Instagram ad:

Instagram Ad from Nespresso


In terms of its dark ads, the brand’s consumer net sentiment score was 14%. There is certainly a lot of love for the brand, with comments such as, “Just love it😋😍.”

There is some negativity however regarding the price of the pods, as well as the fact that they might create an environmental issue. 

Some consumers were conflicted, perfectly representing these mixed feelings: “I worry that the pods are aluminum thats not good I LOVE your coffee.”

The Counter: The New Battleground For Appliance Brands

The Brands featured in this Report have used paid social media to varying degrees to engage their target audience, generate consumer love for their brand and products, and set themselves apart from competitors.

Many of these brands have turned to dark marketing to achieve their goals. As we’ve seen in this Report, this enables brands to actively target selected demographics. For marketers, this also means potentially missing out on tremendously valuable data.

BrandTotal turns this data into actionable insights that you can implement immediately for your brand to see results faster.

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