The Mattress Category Heats Up as 4th of July Nears

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A few months back, the BrandTotal team analyzed how the Mattress category activated around Memorial Day, a key promotional period for that industry. In this month’s blog, we’re revisiting the Mattress category to determine if and how their promotional strategies have shifted since then leading up to the July 4th sales period.

The below analysis looks at content run between June 1 and June 30th, 2021 from the following advertisers: Casper, Purple, Serta, Sleep Number, and Tempur-Pedic.

Similar to what we found when we analyzed Memorial Day activity, Tempur-Pedic has the majority Share of Voice out of all promotional activity mentioning the July 4th holiday. As a terminology refresher, Share of Voice shows the percentage of paid media impressions a brand has out of all brands in the category.

What’s worth noting, however, is that when we broaden the scope of our pie chart to consider any promotional ads (whether they mention the holiday or not), we get a slightly different picture. What this indicates is that certain competitors (Serta, Sleep Number) are shying away from mentioning the holiday in their ads. 

Looking at Sponsored (Paid) Impression Mix—the percentage of paid impressions each brand promotes across channels—also tells an interesting story. While YouTube and Facebook were dominant channels for any ads mentioning the 4th of July holiday, we saw much more Instagram support for promotional ads that did not mention this cultural moment.

Sale promotions that mention 4th of July, July 4th, Independence Day, etc. 

July 4 - promotional activity 1-png

Sale promotions that do not mention 4th of July, July 4th, Independence Day, etc.

July 4 - promotional activity 2-png

When it comes to flighting, brands generally started promoting holiday-specific advertising for the 4th later than they did during the Memorial Day period. However, it is important to consider that in this category, non holiday-specific promotions are always very active. Also, as the holiday nears, we may see more brands, such as Purple, scale back their ad efforts in response to a competitive marketplace. 

Flighting charts: Promotions mentioning July 4th (blue) vs. general promotions (orange)

July 4 - promotions 1

July 4 - promotions 2

Of those creatives that mentioned the holiday, those that tended to perform best were those that positioned themselves as limited time offers and featured simple motion graphics to capture consumer attention in the feed. This information was gathered using BrandTotal’s Creative Quadrant which maps the relationship between two performance metrics, such as Engagements and Sponsored (Paid) Impressions. Creative teams can use the insights from the quadrant to help expedite their creative ideation process. 

July 4 - creative quadrant

July 4 - casper ad

July 4 - sleep number ad

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