The Memorial Day Weekend Brings Huge Mattress Advertising Promotions - Which Brand Is the Stand Out?

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Memorial Day is upon us, and with it brings one of the most active seasonal advertising campaigns in the U.S. -- in this case, for the extremely competitive mattress sector. And where there is advertising, there is BrandTotal. One of the most useful capabilities BrandTotal has is the ability to segment social advertising data into campaigns. Campaigns* are collections of similar social media assets and their associated metrics. In this blog post, BrandTotal’s campaign feature was used to aggregate Memorial Day sales ads and analyze in-market activity. Campaigns allow advertisers to filter out the noise and determine who the competition is during key promotional periods. This allows advertisers to optimize their media, creative development, and messaging to ensure the best consumer response. 

The below analysis looks at Memorial Day content run between May 1 and May 24th, 2021 from the top social advertisers in the mattress category, which includes: Casper, Purple, Serta, Sleep Number, and Tempur-Pedic.

Tempur-Pedic is leading in Memorial Day promotions with 73% SOV of all Memorial Day advertising activity. To gain the advantage in SOV, Tempur-Pedic allocated 41% of its total social media investment in the month of May to Memorial Day efforts.

Memorial day - sov chart with bt chart (1)

Despite Tempur-Pedic’s heavy media investment, the brand’s promotional activity has been limited to YouTube (shown below). This presents a window of opportunity for other players to allocate investment elsewhere. For example, Purple—which is second to Tempur-Pedic in overall investment—is leading in promotional messaging on Twitter and Instagram. Sleep Number, which is third in the category, is the category leader on Facebook. 

Memorial day - promotional activity (fix)

Using BrandTotal’s When Widget, we were able to learn that brands in the category began promoting Memorial Day sales on social media during the second week of May. Serta opted to start earlier, possibly to gain an advantage over the competition by maximizing its limited paid media investment.

Memorial day - promoting brands

Most brands promoted 1-2 core Memorial Day offers. Sleep Number was a notable exception, promoting different discounts for different bed styles as well as accessories. BrandTotal’s Sentiment Analysis feature showcased a few instances where this strategy backfired; consumers commented that if the discounts were able to be as high as $700-$800 off, the product must be overpriced. 

Memorial day - sleep number ad

Memorial day - sentiment

These are just a few of the findings from our competitive social advertising intelligence platform. To learn how to leverage BrandTotal’s comprehensive coverage of SOV, consumer sentiment and engagement, and competitive social advertising analysis, please request a demo.

*Feature only available to enterprise clients