The New Leaderboard: 4 Metrics to Help Make Sense of Your Competitive World

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In the leaderboard, you can now see not only the Share of Voice, but also Video Views, Viral Score, Engagement & Spend across the board, across channels and across time.

Share of Voice is one of the key metrics in assessing your strength and weaknesses in light of competition, but it’s not the only one!

We’ve added some interesting metrics to further assist you in breaking down your competitors’ strategies: you can now see Video Views, Viral Score, Engagement & Spend across the board, across channels and across time.


What can you do with the new version?

1. Look at video views to see who invests heavily in this media.

Video is on the rise and differences between brands can be huge - targeted video campaigns can meet millions of eyeballs and attract reactions of all sorts (positive and negative).

  • Use this metric to see if your strategy is up to date and if you are focusing your energy on the right type of media.
  • Filter by channel to see where this media presence is most prominent and how it contributes to the bigger picture.
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2. Share of voice (Impressions) is still here.

Use the standard Share of voice to get an indication of your competitors’ digital volume.

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3. Total Engagements will give you a sense of who is getting the audience’s interest

●      Get a sense of how engaging your content is. See if you generate more reactions, shares & likes than your competition and who is leading the group.

●      Filter Engagements by channel to view Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter specific reactions per brand, and get a sense of user’s sentiment by hovering over brands to see if users are happy, angry, shocked etc. by their creatives.

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4. Organic Viral Score represents the percentage of non sponsored shared posts for this brand

●      This can bring a good sense of how effective a brand has been in reaching its audience out of sheer interest - either in the brand, the products or the creatives and content.

●      Explore the ratio between organic and sponsored to assess effectiveness across brands. Some major differences in virality can indicate different content strategy directions.



5. Want to know how much your competition spends?

  • By allowing integration with your social accounts, we can assess how much money your competitors are spending on their campaigns. Contact us to learn more about this feature!

Use these tools to get a comprehensive overview of your competitive landscape and assess trends and volumes on different digital channels.

Before I go, here are some useful tips:

● See which weeks were stronger and how volatile your category is altogether.

● See something odd? An underdog is taking a significant piece of the pie?

You might discover interesting campaigns or changes in media mix you have not been expecting.

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