Wall Street Meets Silicon Valley

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Wall Street Meets Silicon Valley
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BrandTotal CEO Presents at Morgan Stanley’s Prestigious CTO Innovation Summit

If you’re looking for the conference where "Every important decision-maker is flown out there",(according to Business Insider), it’s Morgan Stanley’s prestigious CTO Innovation Summit, held every year in Silicon Valley.

It’s hard for innovative startups to navigate within massive enterprises to find the right person or team it makes sense for them to talk to. And it’s equally hard for people within large companies to be exposed to the right technology providers at the right time. So each year Morgan Stanley takes out a ton of the overhead associated with this process, and runs its own, invitation only event, to bring together the right tech providers with the right decision-makers at Morgan Stanley.

And if you’re trying to locate our CEO Alon Leibovich, that’s where you’ll find him, where he was invited to present about BrandTotal.

At the summit, Alon shared how leading consumer brands leverage BrandTotal’s agile marketing platform to keep them ahead of the competition across all digital marketing channels.

“Consumer marketers are in the dark about their peers’ marketing strategy due to the intense fragmentation and personalization in today’s marketing channels,” he said. “Using BrandTotal, CMOs and their media teams can rapidly adjust their marketing strategy based on real-time market inputs that shine a spotlight on marketing threats and opportunities.”

BrandTotal’s solution applies cyber methodologies together with artificial intelligence to the world of marketing. It collects data from various digital channels and consolidates them into coherent marketing campaigns, exposing the competition’s targeting, segmentation, marketing goals and campaign performance.

Read the full press release.

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